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Can you drink while taking antibiotic eye drops?

I am taking antibiotic eye drops for pink eye. is it dangerous for me to drink alcohol while taking on these drops?
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  • Lee


    Can I drink wine with polymyxin b- eye drops
  • Lynn Sherrill


    Everything in moderation! there is no direct interaction between drops that might be used for pink eye and alcohol.Drinking alcohol will not decrease the effectiveness of the antibiotic drops you are using.There is so little absorption of the antibiotic into the blood stream that alcohol will not have an interaction.
  • Elizabeth Laing


    If you are taking three different antibiotic eye drops can you have a glass of wine?
  • Jason lester


    You'd better not drink alcohol while taking antibiotic eye drops. Although the alcohol won't react with the eye drops, alcohol will cause dry eyes and red eyes, which will affect the healing process because the medicine can hardly be absorbed by your eyes. Besides, the irritation caused by the alcohol will make you feel quite uncomfortable. So it is not advisable to drink while taking antibiotic eye drops.
  • walkingnreverse


    Drink is not good idea while you taking medication. So, you are not recommended to drink while taking antibiotic eye drops. Though there will not reaction if you drink alcohol and use the eye drops, alcohol can causes dehydration. That is to say, it will irritate your eyes and potentially slow down healing if you drink alcohol. In a words, you'd better not drink for the sake of your eyes.