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Trinity hill


What are the dangers of halloween contact lenses?

I have heard that Halloween contact lenses can cause damage to your eyes. Is that true?
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  • Isabel fergus


    Many people think they can get halloween contact lenses without a prescription because they just think they are decorative contact lenses which din't need a prescription. However, if you don't get halloween contact lenses with a prescription, these contact lenses may not fit you properly, which may cause some problems to your eyes. What's more, the halloween contact lenses can impair vision which will put you at the risk of complications because they don't allow light to reach the eye.
  • cwalsman


    Halloween contact lenses are made in many looks like a tiger, zombie or vampire or other extra scary touch so as to match Halloween costume. Most of people just wear the lenses without prescription for decorating in some special days. But the lenses may likely cause serious infections and eye disorders. Anyway, it is fun to enhance your Halloween costume, but not worth losing your vision.
  • Edmundo Meehan


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