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Angelica giles


Why does my eye twitch when i eat something sour?

It is very funny that my eye usually twitches when I eat something sour. But on the other hand, I am wondering if I have some kind of eye disease.
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  • James green


    According to your description, it is possibly because that the nerves of the eyes are connected with the nerves of the brain and in the mouth. The taste sense of sour foods will transmit the information to the brain center, and it gives out the order to the optical nerves and thus the muscles accordingly make the correspondent reaction by twitching. It may be that the foods you eat are extremely too sour, and the brain is giving a signal of eye twitching to warn you not to eat so sour foods. Just do not eat that sour to see if the eyes twitch or not. If the eyes still twitch, then you should go to the doctor's for an examination.
  • Cameron giles


    You may find that normal for everyone if you have noticed others when they are eating something sour like you. It is a kind of protective mechanism for your body. If you learn biology, your teacher may tell you the principles. The sour can be a stimulation to change the electric potential of your nerves which can transmit the sign to a part of your brain and after a series of processing there, your brain gives the order to your limbs to do the reaction( here is twitches). So, don't worry about it.

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