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Justin eddy


What eye exercises can improve my vision?

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  • 04/14/2012

    No eye exercises can help improve the eyesight actually.You'd better wear your glasses in case your vision become worse. Doing eye exercises just help relieve the eye strain and strengthen the eye muscles. The eye exercises can only correct the paralytic squint which is caused by uncorrected refractory error. Doing eye exercises regularly can keep our eyes healthy.
  • Eliza


    There is no doubt that doing eye excises are good to our eyes. And there are people who improve their vision after long time of persisting eye exercise. But it is really take times and need perseverance. Anyway, doing eye excises is a good way keep our eye health. One of the simple eye exercises is to use a pen and draw the letter E on a piece of paper. Exercisers are required to put the paper near the eye and try to concentrate firstly on the uppermost bar, and then on the lowest bar and finally the center bar. After that, place the paper a few feet away and repeat such a process until the E on the paper is invisible. After that, bring back the pen and start a new round of the above steps.