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Jordyn carter


What side does the glass go on when setting the table ?

When i have a dinner, i'd like to take off my eyeglasses. But sometimes, i didn't take my glasses case. So, How can keep my glasses on a table well? What side does the glass go on when setting the table ?
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  • Melissa duncan


    It is unwise to put your glasses on a table without its glasses case, especially when the table is not level. In general, our glasses will be stepped on or sitted down easily without notice when it is on the floor or on the bed. As a result, it will have some unexpected scratches, what is worse than that, the lenses may be broken, although lenses are made of Trivex or polycarbonate with a built-in scratch-resistant coating nowadays. Besides that, the frame may be distorted and changes the pupillary distance, which is setted exactly to custom-fit your glasses lenses to focus over your pupils directly. For fear of damaging glasses, you may need to put it in a more prominent position or in a higher place to maintain the good condition of your eyeglasses.
  • Mariah shelley


    When the glasses are folded, there are two sides. One is the lenses side and the other is the frames side. The lenses of your glasses scratches easily, so you need to put the frames side on table. The frames side reaches the table and the lenses side is in the air without touching any surface.
  • Alexandria giles


    In your case, you should put your eyeglasses on the side of the eyeglass earpiece which are well folded. Do not put the glasses on the side of the glass lenses. This is because that if you put the glasses on the side of lenses, the lenses can easily be scratched by the table or table cloth, which will affect the effects of vision correction when you are wearing the glasses. In addition, there is always some oil, dust, and something else on the table. If the lenses are put downside on the table, the lenses can also get dirty and it is very trouble and hard to wash them clean. Therefore, you should put the glasseson the side of the folded earpiece when you put them on the table.
  • Victor Lee


    Just don't let your lenses touch the table. Place your glasses at a conspicous place to avoid being pressed.