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Elijah walker


Does vitamin c lighten eye color?

I always feel that my eye color is a little dark, and my friend tells me that I can use vitamin C to lighten my eye color. Is that useful?
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  • cliffistheshit


    Yes, it is useful for you to lighten the color of the eyes. The vitamin C has the moisture role which will lighten your eyes. Thus your color of the eyes will be bright. You should eat more food, like vegetables and fruits and so on. It will make your eyes get moisture and comfortable. You should also have the good rest for the eyes.
  • Katelyn smith


    Well, yes, in some degree, vitamin c can just lighten your eye color. Generally speaking, people are born with certain eye color. And eye color cannot change with time. But on the other hand, there are also many ways you can use to lighten them. For example, you can take large amounts of glutathione, and vitamin c. and that can just be effective, for these lighten the skin color. But in my opinion, there is no need for people to change their eye color. And just let them as they are.
  • handsdown9871


    Yes, eating a diet rich in Vitamin C has a significant effect on your eye. Your eyes will change lighter in color when you eat plenty of citrus fruits and vegetables due to the increase in glutathione levels.
  • Mona


    Generally speaking, there is no magic pill or surgery than can change the color of eyes from dark to light. It is not often useful to use vitamin C to lighten the color of eyes. If you really want to let your eyes look like having a light color, you can choose to wear eye contacts lenses. You can firstly talk to your optometrist about getting light colored contact lenses even if you do need to use prescription lenses. There are both prescription and non-prescriptions eye contact lenses. This is maybe the best way to make the dark color of your eyes look light and you can choose any color from blue or hazel to violet or green as long as you would like. Nowadays eye contact lenses are made much better than they were several years ago, and many people find them easy and convenient to wear. You can refer to the following website to find out more information about the color eye contact lenses.
  • Katelyn smith


    Frankly speaking, I also want to change my eye color, compare with your eyes, my eyes is totally dark. I search many websites, but none of them give me a certain answer that vitamin C can change eye color. And I think it can not change. Since our eye color is decided by DNA. Can you change your DNA by vitamin C? I suggest you try wear contact lens. This way is much convenient and useful. Let's say, you change your eye color one day by using vitamin C. What if you suddenly find you own color is more fashion? So, why don't you just wear contact lens?

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