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where can I buy brand name sunglasses for cheap?

anyone can tell me where I can buy cheap brand sun glasses thanks
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  • 04/13/2012

    There are places where you can buy super cheap branded products and brand names .Factory shops have products in a real good price from other years, such as last summer, .I I bought a pair of sunglasses polarized super beautiful Paco Rabanne for 60 euros in 2006, you can get 2 year warranty.?The OCOG in "Bicester Village", Madrid (Spain)
  • everybody_cares


    Buy them online. The same kind of sunglasses sold online is much cheaper than that sold in specialty stores. My friends and I often buy the sunglasses online. But we need to have a look in specialty stores first. Then we will remember the size of the sunglasses and search on the internet. The price is much cheaper because the online stores needn't pay for rent and decoration fees. If those glasses are sent out from the factories, the sellers can save the shipping fees because the buyer will pay for that.
  • Cammie


    They do not give discounts as other eyeglasses stores often do. Maybe they will hold some celebration to give back to its customers. You can take that chance to buy a pair of brand name sunglasses. Though you will get a discount at that time, the price will not be very cheap.