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Where to buy good fashion designer sunglasses? help!

wanted to know what the best brands of sunglasses or cheap here in Argentina. I do not want to spend 300 pesos on sunglasses, I find it too much, I have to spend at most $ 150?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Hello?,Sunglasses have quality in the glasses and not in the frame which is expensive.?For $150, you may consider to find some discount designder sunglasses online .
  • Mike Smith


    Check out this store for some retro sweet looking shades for only 18 dollars
  • cap081291


    Hum, I have never heard about a pair of good fashion designer sunglasses will only take $150. If you know where to buy them, please let me know. I know that designer sunglasses are often very expensive. Though the cost of this kind of sunglasses is a little expensive than other sunglasses, the companies also make a big profit from them. But we can't deny that they are elegant and with excellent quality.
  • etherealfreak


    You can buy a pair of designed sunglasses on ebay. And there are some suggestions for you to consider before placing an order. You can have a look at
  • cattatra


    There are many kinds of designed sunglasses on ebay. You can have a look at Most of them are really very cheap. They are less than ten dollars. But I suggest you have a good look first. I am afraid that they are of poor quality. So I suggest you to consider the quality of the sunglasses as well. Hope this helped!

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