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I want a pair of new sunglasses but my mother did not want to give me what should I do?

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  • 04/12/2012

    Find some tasks that can help your mom eg, the housework, etc..?Something very neat so that it will reward you with a monthly allowance, which saves you, without spending anything, then you will have the value of the glasses, just joy.The work is what will bring you the advantage of being able to buy her pretty glasses, there is no other way, believe me.
  • cristoph


    Mmm, it is very easy to get a pair of sunglasses, darling. You can earn money by yourself. Or you can save up your pocket money and then you can buy a pair of sunglasses in the next summer. If you are really very poor, you can apply a pair of free glasses when Firmoo hold some kind of similar charitable activities. But usually she will give out a pair of free glasses other than a pair of sunglasses.
  • Olavi


    Sweetie, you can buy a pair of cheap sunglasses online. The sunglasses that sold online are much cheaper than that sold in any physical stores. You can have a look. Usually a pair of good sunglasses online will just cost you less than $100. If you place the order when they hold some celebrations or activities, you can save your money at that time.
  • exotic_scents


    My mum promised me that she will buy a pair of sunglasses for me if I behave well. Dude, you can promise your mum that you will behave well and get good scores in future. Maybe your mum will buy you a pair of new sunglasses. But if you have had a pair of sunglasses, your mum won't buy sunglasses for you. My sunglasses were broken by accident last month. So I need a pair of sunglasses.
  • John clark


    My dad often buys toys for me. My mum often buys clothes for me. So I think you'd better ask your dad to buy you a pair of sunglasses. But if both of your parents won't buy you a pair of sunglasses, you may need to save up money and buy a pair of sunglasses for yourself. I have saved $39 already. I want to buy a model sailboat. Maybe I can buy it on New Years Day because I can get New Year money on that day.