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Why do people go to a funeral when they put the black sunglasses?

I wonder why people go to a funeral when you put sunglasses. is it good or bad time?Today I went to a funeral of a friend and saw people of sunglasses black posts, but the funny thing is that there was sun, on the contrary it was cold and the sky was overcast.
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  • emily_xoox


    In western countries, they believe that the families who don't cry on the funeral are self controlling. They speak highly of that kind of spirit. While in china, the children who don't cry on the funeral will be taken as unfilial children. So western people often wear sunglasses to cover their red eyes as well as their emotions.
  • candylips167


    I think they want to cover their emotions. There are some differences between Chinese culture and western culture. It is very quiet on a western funeral while it is very noisy on a Chinese funeral. Westerner are good at control themselves on funerals. They take this as a good characteristic. While anyone should be very sad when he or she lose the one he or she loves. So they wear sunglasses to cover their emotions.
  • Logan quick


    To cover their red and swollen eyes caused by crying. When we lose the one we love, we will cry. Crying can lead to swollen and red eyes. Wearing a pair of black sunglasses can cover our eyes. And black is the common color that used on any funerals. And foreigners speak highly of self controlling on funerals. So it is very common for them to wear a pair of black sunglasses on a funeral.

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