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What is the meaning of the use of sunglasses in the movie Matrix PORRR FAAVOOR?

I need to know because I have to do a job on the movie and I have to answer this question ... On the internet is not much about it.?
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  • 04/13/2012

    the use of sunglasses in the movie is to make the character appear as isolated and attractive at the same time, as if to say look but not touch
  • casebell


    There are many possible reasons to wear sunglasses in a movie. Usually the sunglasses can make the character more outstanding and cooler. They can leave an impressive impression on audiences. But sometimes, if there are all kinds of sunglasses being used by the characters, it may be a way of advertising for this kind of sunglasses.
  • Vanessa edward


    Oh, they are so cool. I have googled on the internet to see the pictures of matrix. There are many guys wear sunglasses and carry with a gun. I think the reason why these guys wear sunglasses is to cover their facial features. If other people know who they are when they are raiding or killing, they will be recognized and killed by others the next time.
  • Cammie


    Don't you think they are really very cool? Maybe the film maker wants to attract audience in this way. And maybe this can be a good selling point so that the film maker can make a profit from this. But I think this kind of movie can tell you how to choose a pair of sunglasses that are fit for your face shape. You just need to have a good look and then you may get some useful conclusions. Good luck!