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Copy of sunglasses, spoil the view or simply does not protect from the sun?

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  • Caroline


    What do you mean by copy of sunglasses? If you mean the fake sunglasses or the glasses that just look like sunglasses, of course they can't protect your eyes from the sun. You have to buy those kinds of sunglasses that have UV protection in their labels or descriptions. That kind of sunglasses can protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays.
  • big john


    Copy of sunglasses will not spoil your view. But they can't help protect the harmful UV rays of the sun for you. So you may develop cataract or other kinds of eye disease by wearing the copy of sunglasses. I strongly suggest you to stop using this kind of sunglasses because they are useless. You can buy a pair of good sunglasses in an eyeglasses store or place an order from an online eyeglasses store. Hope this helped!
  • canttouchthis90


    They can't protect your eyes from the sun. Besides, they are harmful. They will lead to dizziness because they can do nothing for you in protecting your eyes. The harmful UV rays can’t be blocked by the lenses and the harsh glare from the sun can't be filtered by the lenses too.

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