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Should sunglasses touch your face?

I always wear my sunglasses in summer and I love making them touch my face coz I always think that could help me prevent from the strong light. But I am not sure if I should let sunglasses touch my face.
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  • clive


    Well, in my opinion, it will be fine if your sunglasses touch your faces. So there is no need for you to worry about it. Generally speaking, by wearing sunglasses, it will just protect your eyes from strong sunlight. Also, because of the uv protection on sunglasses, they can just avoid uv rays and other harmful rays getting to your eyes, which can lead to some serious eye problems. And of course, you can wear sunglasses touch your face. In that way, your face can be shielded too. And it will be beneficial for your face.
  • Isabelle garcia


    No, you should not let the sunglasses touch your face which will leave the deep nose prints on your eyes. You should just wear it with the small distance between your face and the sunglasses. Thus your eyes will be protected from the uv rays and other lights all the same. Wearing sunglasses in summer is really a good habit which could protect your eyes to some degree.
  • DEREK Garrana


    If is better to not let your sunglasses touch your face. If your skin is sensitive, the frames of the sunglasses can irritate you skin. Besides, the bacteria on the frames will also affect your skin and cause skin problem that will bother you much. If the sunglasses touch your face, there will appear indents which are hard to erase on your face after a long time of wearing. This will give you a terrible look. What is more important, you may feel uncomfortable if you wear sunglasses like that. You probably have no such feeling in a short time, but after wearing them for long time, you will know it. You need not worry about the protection ability of sunglasses, and most of them will block sunlight from all directions for you.

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