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Alexandria taylor


Why do old people wear sunglasses?

I found that most of old people like to wear sunglasses. Why? Can sunglasses make them look younger, or sunglasses can help them see better?
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    The sunglasses can prevent our eyes from the uv rays and other strong lights. At the same time, they could make us look cool and improve our whole look. That is why a lot of people tend to wear the sunglasses nowadays. In the strong sun lights, the sunglasses could help them filter the lights and see clearly. They will look cool and special which could be used as the accessories.
  • Theoldman


    I’m old. I wear them because i have dizzy spells if there is too much glare
  • Joshua?


    It is hard to say. There are some reason that maybe why old people wear sunglasses. First of all, maybe they need sunglasses to protect their eyes. You know, cataract often occur to older people. And wearing sunglasses can protect the eyes from sunlight, thus to prevent cataract Besides, most of older people suffered from presbyopia. wearing sunglasses with prescription lenses can help them see better. What's more, wear sunglasses can make them look better since sunglasses can cover their eye wrinkles. And sunglasses themselves are nice accessories.
  • Jada shelley


    Maybe sunglasses really make them look younger. Besides that I think they are trying to protect their eyes from damages of sunlight. UV radiation of sunlight could burn our skin. It can even cause skin cancer with long time exposure. People now are aware of the damages to skin, so they are wearing sunscreen if needed. But not many people know the damages of sunlight to eyes. It can burn the surface tissue of eyes just as it burns our skin. Eyes might be red and painful if you try to stare at the sun. Besides, people living in a place full of sunshine are at higher risk of developing cataract which is leading cause to vision impairment for people above 60. It can accelerate the growth of cataract. So it is necessity than just a fashion to wear sunglasses.

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