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What food causes blurry vision?

It is said that some kinds of foods can lead to blurry vision, is that true? What are those foods?
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  • cazzeh


    Well, blurry vision is a loss of sharp vision. You may experience sudden or gradual blurry vision in one or both eyes. It can result from many problems, such as infection, inflammation,allergy, and of course, there are still some kinds of food can lead to blurry vision. First of all, excess sugar can decrease the storage of trace element chromium in our body, which is one of reasons. Besides, garlic is beneficial to anything but our eyes, thus you'd better keep these pungent foods, like garlic, ginger, pepper and so on in moderation. In addition, alcohol is another reason, indulge in excessive drinking can also stem from blurry vision. Therefore, for the sake of your eyes, portion control is necessary. Just obey it for your health.
  • crazyforluke


    Well, first you have to know that foods with high sugar can just lead to blurry vision in some cases. So you need to be careful about it. Generally speaking, if the meal is high in carbohydrates, blood sugar might rise to much higher-than-normal levels. According to some experts, when blood sugar levels rise, glucose accumulates in the lens of the eye. And in detail, because of glucose, the lens has to absorb more fluid. In that way, the extra fluid will just change the shape of the lens. Also, finally it will just have an effect on sight, leading to blurry vision. So anyway, just control the intake of foods with high sugar.
  • Isabel fergus


    Yes, some kinds of foods can really lead to blurry vision, like the spicy food with peppery and some drinks. They have the stimulating irritates which may make your eyes get dry and red easily. At the same time, it could also make your eyes see things in blurry state. Thus, you'd better get rid of these foods and eat the green food to keep the health of your eyes and your whole body health.
  • Heather Kirk


    Blurred vision can be temporary can go way soon. It also can be a sigh of disease. Blurred vision occurs when the muscles which control your eye’s lenses get week. Usually, cataract is the common cause of blurred vision. If you have diabetes, your blood sugar level will rise after meal which can affect your vision. Try not eat the foods which are rich in antioxidants, because they can do harm to your vision. Caffeine can increase the possibility of having blurred. Many foods contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and chocolate. Try not to eat them may help you to reduce the changes of having blurred vision.
  • spl


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