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Alexandria giles


How to make turquoise eyes stand out?

What should I do if I want to make turquoise eyes stand out?
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  • Jade


    Personally, The color of the eye can't affect the look of wearing eyeglasses. And choosing proper eyeglasses shall consider your face shape, skin color and clothes style. To compliment your look, you may consider the color options of eyeglasses frame so that to match your turquoise eyes. Personally, you can try dark brown colors and warm bronze colors for your eyeglasses frame. As for the frame shape, choosing a contrast shaped frame to your face shape.
  • Danielle lewis


    In terms of this,u might as well consider using dark brown eye shadow to cover uy shortcoming.Well,I don't mean that ur eyes r ugly.I just want to help u to make turquoise eyes stand out.Or u can also choose to wear some dark colored contacts.I think this can be the most useful.According to my observation,people with colored contacts usually make their eyes to stand out.