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Isabel fergus


What is the best eye color for women

I want to buy some colored contact lenses. But i have no idea which one to choose. do you have any good suggestion? What is the best colored eyes for women? I want to be charming with the colored contacts.
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  • carolmck


    Yes, the eye color is one of an important factors for your appearance. Personally, the brown eyes are the most charming for most of people with different skin color. As far as i know, most of people think that brown eyes is mysterious that people can't see through the eyes. What's more, brown eyes are not exaggerated. It is good to have a try.
  • Christina nelson


    Usually, most of people worn colored contact lenses for a good look. If you want to make your eyes look more deep and dark shade, you can try dark brown contacts. If you want to make your eyes look brighter and more vivid, you can choose blue or green colored contacts. If you want to make a completely different look, you can try some novelty contact lenses. Hope this can help you.
  • Rebecca


    Frankly speaking, I think the best eye color for woman is the original color of the eyes. So I kindly suggest you to choose contact lenses with enhancement tint, which will make your eyes bold and beautiful. However, you still can use some other color such as green, blue or yellow according to your likes.
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