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James green


Can laser eye surgery cause astigmatism?

It is said that laser eye surgery can absolutely cause astigmatism,is that true?
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  • Former Employee


    Yes, there are refractive surgery that can correct astigmatism. The aim of the surgery is try to change the shape of the cornea through refractive or laser eye surgery so that to help you see better. Ans the specific treatments of the surgery depend on your personal situation. Also, you can wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your astigmatism in your daily life.
  • Ethan walker


    What???R u kidding me?Don't u know that laser eye surgery can definitely cure astigmatism instead of causing it.People who have mild astigmatism usually have a laser eye surgery so that they can get recovered very soon.However,if u don't want to cure this through a surgery,and u can also choose to recover from wearing glasses,contacts and so on.

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