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Can neck pain cause vision problems?

I just want to know if neck pain can cause vision problems.
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  • Jonathan griffin


    No, i never heard that neck pain can cause vision problems. If you work in front of computer for a long, you may suffered from neck pain accompanied with some vision problems such as blurry vision. If so, it is normal for you to suffer neck pain and vision problems at the same time. They are computer vision syndrome and can be relieved by good rest. But if you let it untreated, it may cause some more serious problems such as headaches.
  • catherinecraven


    Yes,this is very possible.U should know that tight neck muscle can cause ur nerves to get tense.U should know that there r a lot of nerves around ur neck and some of them r closely related with ur eye nerves.And that is why when u get neck pain,it will also be very possible that u will get some vision problems.I wish this could help u.