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When can you wear contacts after eyelid surgery?

How soon can I wear contacts after eyelid surgery?
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  • walkingrain


    It depends on what types of eyelid surgery you took. But in common, a patient shall not wear contact lenses after the first 2 weeks of the eyelids surgery. But that is not to say that you can wear contact lenses within 2 weeks following surgery. You'd better check your eyelids if they are completely healed. If you wear contact lenses when your eyelid not heal from surgery, it may cause infection. So, take care of it.
  • William edward


    Well,u need to know that this is really nothing serious and u can wear ur contacts in about two months.Of course this also depends on how u recover or how u have ur surgery.U should know that this is also very important that u need enough time to recover.If u take care of urself,I am sure u will be fine soon enough.
  • Rebecca


    It will take several weeks for you to wear contact lenses after having a eyelid surgery. Most eyelid surgery patients are instructed to keep their activity level to a minimum for three to five days after their eyelid surgery.So it is best for you to have a rest for about 3 or more weeks.
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