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Does chlamydia cause sore eyes?

How can chlamydia cause sore eyes?Is this real?
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  • cazik


    So far, i never heard that chlamydia can cause sore eyes. In fact, chlamydia is an infection that highly spread during sexual contact. And new born baby may get this infection from his/her mother. And it won't cause sore eyes. But it can cause some eye problems such as redness, itching, and discharge from the eyes, as well as swollen eyelids.
  • Vivid


    I don't think it will be good thing to get chlamydia.As u may know,chlamydia is usually caused by sexual action.And it is right that this kind of disease can absolutely cause red sore eyes.But u can't make sure if u get chlamydia just by ur red sore eyes.U have to understand that there r still some other reasons that can cause ur red sore eyes such as eye fatigue,eye strain and so on.For ur own sake,u had better go to see an eye doctor.