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Can you still drive with glaucoma?

My father is a taxi driver, and yesterday he was diagnosed with glaucoma. So can he still drive as usual? What should we pay attention to?
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  • Alexander


    No, he could not drive as usual or as before. He could drive but not often. The high eye pressure may cause him to have the problem at the eye vision which may affect his driving. He should have the good rest for the eyes every day, not sitting in front of the computer often. He should take the medical treatment to make the eyes be healthy. That is very important.
  • evil_lanruoj


    Well, in my opinion, it will be fine for your father to have driving even if he suffers from glaucoma. As we know that glaucoma is a kind of dangerous eye disease which, finally can lead to blindness. And, eye pain, vomiting can be possible for your father. But in the first stage, it will be ok, if he pays more attention to it. In daily life, you can just suggest your father drink green tea, for some evidences have shown that green tea contains catechins and it can reduce harmful oxidative stress in the eyes that is linked to glaucoma and other eye diseases. And in that way, it will just protect your father from more serious eye problems.
  • croatia_diary


    I am afraid that he need to pause his work as a driver. Glaucoma has various side effects, such as eye aches or pain, halos around lights, headaches and blurred vision, both of which can affect the normal operations of a car, and then increase the possibility of car accidents. What is worse, it can not be easily detected in its preliminary stage. Often, once it occurred , the patients have already lost some of their vision. In general, it must be treated with medicine like some special eyedrops prescribed by doctors. Besides, according to counsels and instructions from the doctors, he can use large-print items and special video systems so that he can deal with the vision reduction. Further, it is essential to develop a healthy life style and keep it in mind that smoking is forbidden.
  • Jordan owen


    Most likely Yes, if your glaucoma is found early and if you do not have significant visual field loss.Glaucoma can cause partial vision loss or total blindness. Glaucoma usually affects your peripheral vision.the part of your eyesight that lets you see things out of the corner of your eye.Because glaucoma often effects your peripheral vision, individuals may not be aware of their vision losses until its advanced stages, when substantial changes in vision have occurred. If you have glaucoma and you drive, you may not see other cars, bicyclists, or pedestrians that are outside of your central field of view.

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