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John Rodriguez


Can people be born with orange eyes?

Have you seen people with orange eyes? Is there any people born with orange eyes? Are they exist?
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  • Allison


    No. As a matter of fact, there are no orange eyes in the world expect for virtual world like comic, fiction, or movies. The existing eye colors include amber, blue, gray, green, hazel, and brown. Amber eye color is close to orange. If you mean amber-colored eyes, just have a look at Miss World of 2010. She has amber eyes.
  • erraticgothles


    I have never seen people with orange eyes, but they may exist in this world. Some people may get orange eyes, but they are not born with this eye color, they achieve this by wear colored contact lenses. Human eye color is determined by 6 genes which control the amount of melanin in your body. The Melanin decides the color of your eye, hair and skin. Genetic mutations can happen, which give people orange, purple, or other rare eye colors can happen. Besides, since light condition counts in the eye color, some eye colors such as amber can look orange in a brighter environment. Orange eyes may appear as a rare variant of brown eyes.
  • Luis


    Ok, your idea sounds really good, I wish I had seen some people with those eyes . As a matter of fact, the color of people's eyes are mainly blue, black, green, grey, brown. And orange eyes are simply impossible for humans. But sometimes, exceptions occur due to genetic problems. And records of orange eyes are really few. So, you could get further info on some science channel.

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