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What to do if you get degreaser in your eye ?

My eye feel so bad because i get degreaser in my eyes. What shall i do? Can you give me some suggestion?
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  • Joseph bell


    If you get degreaser in your eyes, please remember to irrigate with flowing water for at least 15 minutes carefully right now, and tap water is the best choice to clean your eyes. What's more, you must clean the inside of eyes because it's useless to wash the skin around the eyes. After this step, you can dip your eyes into water, then, let the eyes up and down around the rotation and use your hands to turn the upper and lower eyelids. Finally. Wiping the water on your face with a cotton ball or tissue . If you still feel uncomfortable, you'd better make the best use of your time to go to the hospital to make sure the safety.
  • walgreensunder


    Oh, sounds like you have got some serious problems. That is awful because degreaser is made up of chemical stuff, which might be highly irritative to your eyes and make your eyes damaged. What I recommend is that you try to flush your eyes with plenty of normal saline and get to visit a doctor before it is too late. Medical treatment would be of great importance to your eye health .
  • Jada shelley


    It is really bad for you to get degreaser in your eyes. You should wash it out as soon as possible with clean water. Then you could use the eyes drops to moisture the eyes. The warm compress could also be the effective and good way which you could have a try. You should be careful about your eyes which are the very important parts for the whole body.

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