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Can honey be used to lighten eye color?

My mom told me that take honey daily is good for eyes. They can improve eyesight, also they can lighten eye color. Really? I want to lighten my eye color. Does honey really work?
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  • John


    Honey is good for our eyes. And it can be good for our whole body too. But I heard that only apply honey drops directly into our eyes can help lighten our eye color. You can have a try. Put a drop of honey into your eyes and blink for a moment. And this will not do any harm to our eyes and will not cause itchy or sting too. But you must do this for many years then you can lighten your eyes.
  • chocolateeeee


    I heard that honey can use for lightening our eye color. It has been used to lighten our skin, our hair and even our eyes. But the honey that is used to brighten your eyes should be organic pure honey and mixed with plenty of purified water. But I still suggest you not to try this for it will take many years to change our color and this may possibly hurt our eyes.

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