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What causes pink eye in children?

Why children are easily to get pink eye?Is there anything to do to prevent this?
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  • Aaron may


    As you know, children has lower immunity than adults has. So children are more easily to get sick. In terms of pink eye, you should know that it is actually conjunctivitis, which is an irritation of the eyeballs. Allergy is a common reason that causes pink eye in children. There are several factors that you need to take into your consideration, such as exposures to chemicals, viral pinkeye,a bacterial infection, nose droplets and so on.You should watch your kid carefully. Following are some measures you can take. Prevent your kids to touching his eyes with his hands, which will get his eyes infected very easily. Secondly, let your kid wash hands as often as he can, and it will be better if he uses a soap to wash hands. Thirdly, you can prepare a clean towel for your kid for daily. Remember, never let your kid share his towel with others. And don't share his eye drops with others, either. This is a quite wrong behavior.
  • Brittany green


    We could find that children easily get the pink eyes because of the weak immune system which cause them to get infection through the contagious character easily. Epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis is an outbreak of severe acute conjunctivitis which is commonly known as the pink eye, It is developed in summer and fall because the bacterium is moving actively at that time. The disease-causing pathogens for enterovirus type 70 infectivity disease is characterized by which cause irritation, conjunctival hyperemia and edema, height before merger subconjunctival hemorrhage, corneal damage and ear swollen lymph glands. In the medical way, the pinkeye acute catarrhal conjunctivitis is the main route of transmission. It is transmitted through contact often through contact with secretions, from patients with eye or the touched tears objects, such as towel, handkerchief, wash basin water and so on. If you want to prevent your child to get this in summer because of the hot weather and easy growing bacteria breeding which causes the main route of transmission, you should let him not contact with people with pink eyes. You should also let him keep the good habit of hygiene. At the same time, he should practice more to improve the immune system which will help him resist the coming bacterium infection.

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