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Caitlin lee


Can rheumatoid arthritis cause eye problems ?

I heard that rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to some eye problem. Is this true? How can rheumatoid arthritis affect on our eyes?
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  • Jordyn adams


    Yes, it is true that rheumatoid arthritis can lead to some eye problem. The rheumatoid arthritis is a kind of common acute or chronic connective tissue inflammation which may break out repeatedly. The heart involvement in clinical joints and muscles migrating sour heavy the pain for characteristics of allergic disease which is one of the main performance of the rheumatic fever and more acute fever and joint pain onset. There are many side effects of rheumatoid arthritis, including the skin mucous membrane symptoms. There is the dermatomyositis drying syndrome white. The disease panniculitis later is a rash and oral ulcer skin, ulcer mesh and blue eye symptoms. If you get the rheumatoid arthritis, your eyes will get infection. You may get dry at the eyes. You may get blurry eye vision. You'd better protect the body health through the healthy diet and good rest which will indirectly protect your eyes.
  • enternalhate


    Rheumatoid arthritis never affects our eye problems. Eye problems are related to diabetes, allergies, aging and injury. That is, bacteria and virtues, allergies, injury in eyes and aging are possible to cause eye problems. While others are not all possible to cause our eye problems. Surgery, drugs and acupuncture are treatment options of rheumatoid arthritis. is a great website that offer much information about rheumatoid arthritis.