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Yaron Cheng


What does chronic eye twitching mean?

Can u guys tell me what chronic eye twitching means?
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  • Vanessa edward


    Eye twitching means the the eyelids are involuntary spasms. And the eyelids are spasms very often. And usually, they often occurs on the up eyelids. In fact eye twitching in most cases are harmless. And they come and go now and then. However, there are some people suffered from eye twitches that last for weeks even months. Don't worry, it is not a serious problems. Eye twitching are usually caused by stress, tiredness, eye strain and too much caffeine consumption. Also, alcohol and nutritional imbalances can also cause eye twitching. So, To stop eye twitching, a healthy life would be helpful.
  • walkingnreverse


    It is normal to get eye twitching sometimes. And eye twitching usually a sign of your eye conditions. As far as i know, tiredness and eye strain can cause eye twitching. So, If you suffered from eye twitching, you shall take a break and have a good rest. It can help you releases from eye twitches. Besides, too much coffee and alcohol consumption can also cause eye twitching. If you often take it, you shall try to reduce the coffee and alcohol consumption.