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Kyle owen


What eye defect causes color deficient vision?

In most cases,what eye detect can cause color deficient vision?Can anyone tell me?
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  • Desiree


    The color deficient vision describe people suffered from some vision problems. The can't distinguish certain shades of color. Some people even can't see colors at all. Some people also use the words "color blindness" to describe this visual condition. But most of people with color blindness can see colors but can't tell red and green. It is really rare that people are completely color blind. And this color deficient vision is deiced by gene.
  • Trinity


    Well,the so called color deficient vision is actually color blindness but Usually don't need to worry too much because this usually will not bring u too much trouble if u just want a plain and common life.This is often caused by some kind of chemical damage and sometimes it is also in relation with ur optic nerves or ur brain.Anyway,they just have some kind of connection in them and what u need to do is just to find out the connection so that u will be fine.