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What causes improved vision?

Do u guys know what causes my improved vision?Can u guys give me some guidance?
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  • Adam peters


    So far, poor vision usually are usually caused by nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia. To improve vision, the quickest and the most convenient way is prescription eyeglasses. But they can't cure your vision, the eyeglasses just correct vision when you wear. If you want to actually improve your vision, you shall seek other ways. You can take lasik eye surgery to cure your poor vision. But it is risks to take the surgery. Apart from the surgery, you may improve your vision through some eye exercise and training. For example, you can take orientation and mobility training that may help. Besides, you shall reduce the time spend on TV, computer and books etc.
  • Jackson


    Basically,u need to wear glasses all the time.I can't assure u that ur eyesight will get improved greatly but at least I can assure u that ur eyesight will not get worse and worse.If u don't wear ur glasses since u r nearsighted,I can tell u that ur eyesight will just get worse and worse and at that time u will definitely regret.Besides.u can also do some eye exercises in ur free time and this not only help u to improve ur eyesight but also help ur eyes to relax from eye strain.