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What does chlamydia in your eye look like?

What does chlamydia in your eye look like?
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  • Miranda hall


    Oh, if your eyes are touched chlamydia, it may develop Chlamydia eye infections. In fact, Chlamydia trachomatis can also be understand as bacterial infections. And some newborn baby may suffered from ocular chlamydia that passed from their mother's infected vagina. This is why pregnant women are suggested to take a test for STDs. And in some serious condition, babies can go blind if they get chlamydia in the eyes.
  • Jackson raphael


    Chlamydia is a kind of bacteria and this can definitely cause some infections to ur eyes.By the way,it not only happens to adults but also happens to new born babies sometimes.That is why pregnant women are always required to do all kinds of tests during their pregnancy.What is even worse,ur baby can even go blind if u don't cure this during ur pregnancy.In some cases,u can get this quite easily when u r in water such as in a public swimming pool and so on.Anyway,u really need to be very careful.