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Bob Witek


What are the risks with contact lenses?

What r the risks with contacts?
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  • arnold


    Although the contact lenses is much more convenient than prescription eyeglasses, there are many risks of wearing contact lenses. In details, it may cause eye irritation or infection. People probably experience discomfort, excess tearing or other discharges. Besides, people may also feel sensitive to light. Some people even suffer blurred vision, swelling eyes and red eyes. In some serious condition, people may suffered from pink eyes, corneal abrasions and eye irritation sometimes etc.
  • Austin gerard


    It is risks to wear contact lenses though they look more beautiful than prescription eyeglasses. Wearing contact lenses may cause eye infection if you not keep contact lenses improperly. Besides, you not allow to wear contact lenses in high temperature environment. In addition, constantly wearing contact lenses may cause cornea scratches. Although those risks may seldom happen. But once it happened, it can be a serious problem.
  • Rebecca


    Wearing contact lenses put you at the risk of several conditions, such as eye infections and corneal ulcers. These can be developed very quickly and be very serious. In rare case, it can cause blindness.
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