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Can I put two different contacts in?

Is it okay if I put two different contacts in?
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  • cauliflowerbat


    What does you mean by putting two different contacts in? Do you mean you want to wear contact lenses with different prescritpion for each eyes? If so, it depends on the prescritpion of your eyes. If your two eyes have different prescritpion each other, you can buy different prescription contatc lenses in each eye. That can provide you vision aids. Or, you may got eye damages by wearing improper contact lenses.
  • Allen


    It depends on your eyes and how diffierent the contact lenses are. If they are made with different prescritpion according to your eyes, it is Ok to wear different prescritpion contact lenses in each eye. Also, if you want to wear different colored plano contact lenses for look, it is Ok for the eyes witout any damages as long as you properly wear them.