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Connor nelson


Does glaucoma affect depth perception?

It is said that glaucoma can cause depth perception,is this true?
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  • ezycome_ezygo


    Glaucoma is a complicated eye diseases that cause damages to the optic nerve thus further lead to vision loss. And there are several types of glaucoma including angle-closure Glaucoma and open-angle glaucoma. And people suffered from glaucoma usually suffered from gradual loss of peripheral vision. And pain in the eyes may happen sometimes. Some people even suffered from nausea and vomiting. Still, they probably experience blurred vision and redness in the eyes etc.
  • Kimberly


    Yes, glaucoma can can affect your depth perception. In some serious cases, glaucoma even cause vision loss. So, you'd better consult an treatment for the eyes in case you detected with glaucoma. Good luck.