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Can you buy contact lenses over the counter?

My friends told me not to buy contacts over the counter,why?
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  • Jason warren


    Yes, you can consider to buy over the counter contact lenses. But that does not mean you can buy any over the counter contact lenses. You still need consider your prescription. You can choose over the counter contact lenses that have the same prescription as what you need. And in common, they will be no problem for the eyes. You can consult the seller when you buy over the counter contact lenses.
  • Ethan walker


    U had better not.Personally,u had better buy ur contacts in an optical store or at an eye doctor.I usually tell my friends or my family members to buy contacts from a professional eye doctor cuz only by doing that can ensure ur eyes to be healthy and clean.Well,I know that some people think they can just go to a pharmacy store to have their contacts if they bring their prescriptions.This is totally wrong!U should know that those pharmacists r not required to sell contacts and they don't know much about this.In other words,they even don't know what kind of contacts that can suit ur eyes better.

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