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Why are my eyes so sensitive to light all of a sudden?

Why are my eyes so sensitive to light all of a sudden?
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    In fact, everyone have the possibility to feel sensitive to light though not serious. Bur for your situation that got sensitive eyes all of a sudden, It is abnormal. You'd better to have an eye check if your eyes are sensitive to light. If you just have sensitive light in recent days, it is possible to caused by some eye diseases or eye infection. So, consult an optician or eye doctor for professional help.
  • catgay2005


    Well,I think u may probably be experiencing migraine attacks.This is not that serious but also not good.U should know that one of the more common symptoms is light sensitivity.In terms of this,u need to have ur eyes examed to see if u really need ur prescription.Or u can also go to ur eye doctor for some professional eye drops.I am sure that this can relieve ur situation.

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