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Isabel fergus


What causes blackness under the eyes?

Do u guys know what can usually cause blackness under the eyes?
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  • John eddy


    The blackness under the eyes are known as dark eye circles. And there are several factors that can cause dark eye circles. Among them, sleep insuffience and tiredness is one of the most common cause of dark eye circles. If you are in this situation, taking a good rest and have a good sleep can help you reduce blackness under the eyes. And the blackness under eyes can also be caused by eye infection or some eye disease. If so, you shall visit an eye doctor for a better treatments.
  • Danielle


    Yeah,I can totally understand what u feel now.Quite annoying and bothering,right? In most cases,dark circles r caused by a lack of enough sleep or ur lack of some kinds of vitamins.Anyway,this totally needs ur attention and u had better take measures to have this problem solved.In terms of this,u can do something about this,man.First of all,u should not smoke any more.Smoking can always cause ur eyes to get blackness.Besides,before u go to bed,u might as well give urself a cool compress.I think this can be helpful to u.