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Do you need special glasses for astigmatism?

Well,I just want to know if I need special glasses for astigmatism.
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  • Bernice


    No, In fact, prescription eyeglasses are help for many vision problems. And people with astigmatism usually accompanied with myopia or hyperopia etc. So, when you eyeglasses for vision aids, you shall provide your prescription for optician, S/he will made prescription eyeglasses for you that for both myopia/ hyperopia and astigmatism.
  • Patricia


    Yes,u absolutely need them.U should know that some kind of special glasses can effectively correct ur astigmatism.U can go to ur eye doctor first to have ur prescription and then u can take ur test to a local optical store.U had better find a good eye doctor so that u can get ur astigmatism correctly.It is said that astigmatism can be improved gradually if u insist wearing glasses.
  • Rebecca


    The degree of your astigmatism will divide whether you need a pair of eyewear to correct your eyesight or not. If you have a very slightly astigmatism, you can manage your life without eyeglasses. But if the astigmatism affect your eyesight that you can't see things clearly, you'd better wear your prescription eyeglasses for vision correction.
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