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How to make your eyes feel better after pepper spray?

How can I make my eyes feel better after pepper spray?
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  • walkn0nsunshine


    Oh, it is really damaged in the eyes if you got some pepper spray in the eye. People usually feel burning, pain and hard to open eyes. Nevertheless, you shall keep calm and use clean water to clean it as soon as possible. If it is not damages badly, your eyes will recover soon. If it badly burning, you shall visit an doctor immediately. Wish you will be OK soon.
  • Savannah taylor


    Calm down first.Then go to rinse ur eyes with clean running water.I know that u may feel painful and irritated.However,u should still be cool when u feel any burning feeling.This especially hurt people who have got dry eyes.That is why when u meet this,u had better keep ur eyes wet for most of time.I have to remind u again,u need to use cold water.Do not use warm water,let alone hot water.

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