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Are watery eyes a sign of pregnancy?

In recent days, i got watery eyes. What causes it? Can it be a sign of pregnancy? Any suggestion?
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  • Christian george


    If you get too many tears in eyes, you may be possible to get watery eyes. Although tears can help with keeping the surface of eyes moist and washing away foreign matters, excessive tears means something wrong with your eyes. Blepharitis, bright light, infection and irritation are possible causes of watery eyes. Watery eyes can cause eye strain, dry eyes and yawning. What I must emphasis is that watery eyes do not mean you are pregnant. Pregnancy women may occur some eye disorders, such as watery eyes, eye irritation. Generally speaking, if you are pregnancy woman, you may suffer watery eyes. On the contrary, your watery eyes can be caused by many other factors, even basic eye problems you have gotten. Pregnancy women are easy to get morning sickness, swollen and tender boobs, lethargy, backaches, and headaches. Well, if you really cannot make sure whether you are pregnancy or not, please go to see a doctor. It is the best way to protect you and your baby.
  • jill


    Watery eyes are result of excessive tearing. And there are many things that can lead to watery eyes. But i never seen any proves that pregnancy can lead to watery eyes. In details, Conjunctivitis, abrasions, foreign bodies and allergies can contribute to watery eyes. Besides, people, may also get watery eyes from dry eyes, clogged tear ducts, tired eyes and age etc. If you guess you may get pregnant, you'd better check it by a doctor.
  • christy9589


    There are many problems that can cause watery eyes, conjunctivitis, clogged tear ducts, allergies, aging and so on. And it's been found that during pregnancy, some people also can get watery eyes. While, it's hard to identify if your watery eyes is caused by pregnancy, see a doctor and check it out.
  • Kelly eddy


    There are many possibilities leading to watery eyes, for examply the most common one, eye dryness. I don't believe that watery eyes could be a sign of pregnancy. Eye dryness is a very common experiences for most of us. It might be caused by some infections, allergic reaction, eye strain or dry air. Pregnancy could cause fluctuation of estrogen, but it is not a very common symptom that every pregnant women would experience. I believe that doctor can't tell you are pregnant just based on watery eye either. I suggest you to have a examination on it. To treat your watery eyes, you need to find out what caused it. If it is infections, you need to take some treatment to the infections. If it is eye dryness, then drink more water and apply some warm compress.

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