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Erin jackson


Are goopy eyes contagious?

Goopy eyes looks so ugly. I just want to know if the goopy eyes are contagious? If so, How can i prevent it?
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  • Ryan evelyn


    Goopy eyes are the symptoms of many ailments. In order to tell if it is contagious or not, you should find out the causes first. There are many causes for your eye to become goopy (sticky and wet). They are as follows: 1.Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis is inflammation of white part of the eye. It is also called conjunctiva. This condition is associated with redness, swelling, watery and goopy eyes. There is a sandy and gritty sensation upon blinking. Itching in the eye is a common feature of this condition. The eyelids are stuck and crusted when you awake in the morning. The causative organisms are bacteria and virus and the conjunctivitis resulting due to them is highly infectious. 2.Trauma to the eyes: a foreign body in the eye or trauma can cause redness, swelling and thick drainage from the eyes. Blocked tear ducts: the tears produced in your eye are generally drained into the tear ducts. They are tiny opening at the corner of your lower eyelids. When the tear ducts gets blocked, tears run out of the eyes. Therefore, conjunctivitis (expect allergic conjunctivitis)or pink-eye are contagious. You can prevent it by following the precautions below: 1.Wet compresses: take a piece of clean cloth and soak it in tepid water. Gently compress the affected eye with the wet cloth. Wet compresses provide comfort and relief from soar eyes. It also gets rid of crusts that prevent the opening of the eyelids. 2. When the cause of goopy eyes is due to infection, use mild warm or tepid water compresses. In case of bacterial conjunctivitis, consult your doctor. He may prescribe antibiotic eye drops. 3. If the cause is allergic conjunctivitis, using compresses of cold water is beneficial. 4. Clean your eyes regularly with rose water if they become dry. It will prevent dryness and relieve irritation. 5. Euphrasia is a homeopathic medicine which effectively treats goopy eyes. It is useful when there is excessive watering of eyes. It also helps to relieve the symptoms of redness, burning and swelling of eyelids. 6. In case of blocked tear ducts which are most common in children and toddlers, massage the tear duct area. The doctor will show you the area where you have to massage. Cut your fingernails and place cotton ball between the finger and massage area. This will protect the eyes from any direct trauma from the fingers. 7. Boil fennel seeds. Use the water to wash the affected eyes. They reduce redness, irritation and inflammation in the eyes.
  • vincent


    Generally speaking, goopy eyes are happened with red eyes. In fact , it is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. The application of a warm, and goopy eyes are contagious easily. Goopy eyes can be very uncomfortable. But you mustn't rub your eyes, it is harmful. Here are some tips you can prevent it. Put a clean cloth in hot water and dry it, then apply it to your eyes. Besides, you can try eye drops to your eyes,and it is helpful to ease your itchiness and make you better.


    No, goopy eyes will not contagious except such symptom is a sign of pink eye. By the way, my mum said the breast milk has curative properties due to its antiseptic property, particularly when you encounter with goopy eyes. As for precautions, you are advised to avoid wiping off the substance around the eyes by hands directly, instead a swab will be appropriate. Viral pink eye is a contagious form. To some sensitive individual, the only way to prevent is to compeletely avoid contacts with patients. However, if you just get a little dirt or something in your eyes, you just need some boiled water(have been cooled) to wash your eyes and wait a while to see if it gets any better. Well, If pink eye outbreaks near you recently, you should take this possibility into consideration, especially to the newborns with immature tear duct. It is wise to go to your doctor, take some medicated eye drops after a simple examination. Besides, you can place warm tea bags on your eyes until you see the doctor. Just for reference.