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Jonathan griffin


Is there a cure for eye twitching?

My eyes twitches in recent days and i can't control it. Do you know how to cure it? Any suggestion?
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  • Christian george


    Eye twitching is common among people, but it is really annoying. Many things can lead to eye twitching. For example, fatigue and stress are most likely to cause eye twitching. Besides, it can also be the result of frequent using of alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine. By the way, nutritional imbalances and allergies might cause it. Actually this minor form of twitch is painless and harmless. It usually goes away on its own. In order to avoid eye twitching, you'd better have a good rest and keep a good mood. A healthy diet is also beneficial. Finally, avoid taking alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine.
  • Michelle percy


    There is mainly two reasons for eye twitching. First of all ,it may be that you have got xerophthalmia which is also called dry eyes that is caused by overusing of eyes and nutritional of eyes. If so, you should begin to allow your eyes to have adequate time of rest, for example, take a break when you have been working or reading for an hour and wash your face with mild water. If possible, put a humidifier on your desk in the office or in the study in case of too dry air inside the room. Besides, you can use eye drops to reduce the dry conditions of your eyes and keep them moisty. In addition, eat more vegetables and fruits especially the foods which are rich in vitamin A that is good for your eyes. There is another reason for your eye twitching, that is, blepharospasm, which is caused by syndromes of irritated nerves dysfunction. If so, you should go to the doctor's as soon as possible for early cure in case of eye twitching turning to facial paralysis.
  • chosen_cookie


    Do not worry, it is not a big deal. Eye twitching is a common problems that happen to lots of people. In fact, there are lots of reasons can give rise to eye twitching. For example, people with strong stress in their life. Besides, eye strain, tiredness as well as lack of sleep and imbalance of nutrition can also cause eye twitching. There are some suggestions might be helped for you as below. The best effective way is to get enough sleep so that your eye muscles can have enough time to relax. You can also use eye drops to keep your eyes moist which may relieve the symptom. And last but not the least, you can also massage your eyes with fingers every night. Sincerely hope your eye twitching will disappear soon.

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