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Edward White


How to prevent puffy eyes in the morning?

I often get puffy eyes in the morning. Why? What causes it? Do you have any good idea to help me get rid of puffy eyes in the morning?
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  • carpediem__


    Don't worry, it's quite a normal phenomenon for most people. The puffy eyes is related to the quantity of drinking water before sleep, the pose of sleeping as well as the computer enjoyment you've played at night. It's harmless and goes away naturally though, it will exist for a period of time, which is annoying. Thus it's better for people to treat it. At first, i suggest you not drink too much water and play too much computer before going to bed. And if you still get puffy eyes in the morning, you can place some cold teabags or cucumber around the puffy area for a quarter, which can effectively remove the puffy eyes. Moreover, massage can promote the blood circulation of skins around your eyes. Therefore, this action also help relieve your puffy eyes. And the eye cream is another best choice. All in all, follow these suggestions and keep enough sleep, all the problem of puffy eyes will disappear shortly after.
  • Ariana kirk


    Puffy eyes can be caused by lack of sleep, posture of sleep and even the habit of drinking water before going to bed. You can try not to drink water before you sleep. Of course, some kinds of illness also can cause puffy eyes, such as, skin disease, kidney disease. You'd better go to the hospital to have a check.
  • Joseph campbell


    The puffy eyes are related to sleep, drinking water and the posture of body during the sleep. Besides, the reasons for puffy eyes are many. For example, the inappropriate use of cosmetics, skin disease and illness like angioneurotic edema. Generally speaking, it is very common to to have puffy eyes. You'd better use some clarifying lotion to clean your eyelid, forehead and temple. People who work as typewriter and stenographer may learn to do the following exercise: Firstly,keep your head still and move your eyeballs, left to right, up to down. Open your eyes and close your eyes hard. Moreover, The nutrition is closely related to the state of eyes. I advise you to eat more green vegetables, keep your pillow lower, drink less water before you sleep and have a sound sleep.