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Adam peters


Is there a cure for bulging eyes?

I have bulging eyes. What should i do? Can bulging eyes be cured?
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  • catgay2005


    Bulging eyes are very uncomfortable for us. We can feel difficulty closing eyes fully while sleeping or blinking. Many reasons can cause bulging eyes, some of the reasons are underlying. There is a risk of getting other eye diseases. Generally speaking, bulging eyes can be cured by correct treatment. The treatment depends on the underlying causes, medications can be helpful. If you are in serious cases, surgery may be necessary.
  • kathy


    As for bulging eyes,Bulging eyes may be inherited, your family may have the same symptoms,but most cases they are related to a problem with the thyroid,your eyes may be sick.sometimes, you have insomnia or a lot of pressure also can lead to your eyes bulging,which don't require treatment;but you think the gravity of the situation,i think you must receive treatment. Generally speaking,it can be cured by advanced you don't need worry,it is important for you to keep a good state of mind.the website i recommend can be help for you.
  • clozco


    In case of bulging eyes, more of your cornea is exposed to air. Then you may suffer an appearance of protruding eyes, eye excessive dryness, eye pain and eye redness as well as visible whiteness between the top of the iris and the eyelid. What you need to do to keep your eyes moist and lubricated is to take along with you some artificial tears or eye drops , which can deal with the most significant symptom of bulging eyes, eye dryness. Well, Graves’ disease must be the most common cause of bulging eyes. Your doctor will prescribe some medicine for it. And take care of your eyes by keeping it lubricated. If you put them aside, you may potentially suffer vision loss.