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Is there a cure for watery eyes?

I really feel bad to suffer watery eyes. Do you have any good idea to treat it? Can it be cured? Please help!
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  • Hae


    Watery eyes can be cured. If your problem is caused by heat, use cold water to wash your eyes carefully and thoroughly to relieve the burning membranes of your eyes. Make a mixture of a few drops of diluted honey and rose water, and put one or two drops in your eyes. Covering your eyes with cotton pads soaked in this mixture is also OK. Since aloe vera and rose milk have soothing effect, you can also drop some to your eyes to relieve the burning sensation. If home remedies do not help, you should turn to your doctor. Placing two freezing spoons from the freezer of the refrigerator over your eyes will provide instant relief.
  • Steve


    Tears is necessary for our eyes to function and it can wash away dust and particles keep yours eye moist. But continuous tearing need to be noticed. Watery eyes can happen because of eye inflammation or inadequate drainage of your normal tears. Other conditions like an eye injury, or something irritating your eye ca also result in watery eyes. As to treatment, I suggest that you wear a sunglasses when you are out in order to protect your eye from bacterium and particles. Dropping eye drops can be effective, too. If it does not work, you'd better see a doctor.
  • Tatiana


    Watery eyes means you eyes continuing to produce tears thus makes your eyes moist. Many causes can lead to watery eyes. When your eyes are tearing, normally it is a defense mechanism of your eyes. There are external influences such as foreign body, smog or chemicals in the air, bright light etc. For internal reasons, your eyes may water from infection, eyestrain or some other eye problems. You need to find out what the causes before you take actions. You may need to contact a doctor.