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Is there a cure for itchy eyes?

I don't why my eyes itches now and then. Anyway, What should i do to treat it? Can it be cured?
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  • b3autifulxlies


    You may have allergy which could makes your eyes itchy. Itchy makes you want to rub your eyes, which will make things worse. So don't rub your eyes when you feel itchy. You may also suffer from red and watery eyes. Heat will increase the symptom, so don't try to put hot things on your eyes to reduce the itch. Eye drops can relieve the itch quick, but don't use over-the-counter eye drops too much. It's better for you to search help from a doctor. It's not a serious disease; don't worry too much about it. Hope you be well soon.
  • Alexa murphy


    There are several reasons for your eye itching. Firstly, it may be caused by uveruse of your eyes. You should allow your eyes to have enough rest when you have been reading or working before computers, say, for an hour's long. Secondly, it may be xerophthalmia which is more known as dry eyes that make your eyes itching due to dehydration and malnutrition. You should usually wash your face with clean waters and it is better to use eye drops to ease the dry and fatigue conditions of your eyes. Besides, eat more foods which are abundant in vitamin E that is good for your eyes such as carrots and animal livers. In addition, conjunctivitis can also be a cause to itchy eyes which may be caused by insanitary use of eyes or eye infections in unhealthy circumstances. If so, you should go to the doctor's for an examination and medical help such as levofloxacin or acyclovir eye drops. And pay attention to taking good rest.
  • Shelby


    These are the steps you can take when you feel your eyes itchy: Step 1.Clean your eyes with wet tissue and see if it works. This step works when something gets in your eyes and make them itchy. Step.2.Wash your eyes with salty water as it kills bacteria in your eyes. Step.3. You may suffer from dry eyes syndrome. You may use your eyes for too long without intervals. This results in a disorder of your tear film. Without enough tears, your eyes get dry and itchy. In this case, you should allow your eyes to rest and use them less. Meanwhile, you should drip eye drops to your eyes three times a day to lubricate your eyes and relieve your itchiness. Step.4.If the itchy part is not on your eyeballs but on your eyelids or the corner of your eyes, there may be inflammation in your skin. Step.5. Besides being itchy, if your eyes are also goofy when you wake up in the morning, you may have developed conjunctivitis. If so, go to see the doctor as soon as possible.