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Ana clive


Can an explosion cause blindness?

Is it possible to cause blindness from an explosion? If so, can it be treated?
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  • Gabriel peters


    Yes, it is possible that an explosion causes blindness. The pieces of explosives or those of the objects that have been exploded can fly into your eyes and hurt the optic nerves or the cornea of your eyes which will cause blindness. Besides, the shock waves and heat waves created by the explosion will do harm to your eyes as well. If you get hurt in your eyes in an explosion, you should go to the doctor's as soon as possible for an eye examination and if there are any foreign objects in your eyes, you should take an eye surgery to get them out. If your cornea has been seriously damaged, you should take a cornea transplant surgery to replace the bad cornea with a new and good one. Take good rest and do not use your eyes to the best of your abilities.
  • coulisse_16


    It is possible to cause blindness. There are many reasons of blindness.cataracts, glaucoma, high myopia, trachoma, keratitis, accident and so on.If you had a degree of big bang you might fail. As for the treatment of the problem.when your eye damage,the probability of cure is tiny,your eyes could shrink with time flying,so you can do eye plastic surgery or install on fake eyeball to make your eyes look is the same as a normal person,what's more, your retinal detachment or fluid loss, you also have the little chance to cure.If your eye in a good condition,cured probability is higher than the former, you can go to do eye surgery to repair,usually pay attention to protect our eyes from harm as well. Thank you for your reference,good luck!
  • Rick Johnson


    Yes, an explosion can cause blindness in several ways. 1. A large amount of energy will be produced by an exolosion. Some of the energy is transformed into sharp shiny light. People wholook in to the direction of the bring light may have "flash blindness" . 2. the shell of explosion source or some other things rush into the eyes may damage the eyes and causes blindness. 3. The great energy and heat produced by an explosion may causes blindness. If it is just temporary flash blindness, just stay away from the strong light. If it is permanent flash blindness caused by the burn of retina, you may need surgery and other medical treatment.