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Can mold cause puffy eyes?

Is it possible to get puffy eyes because mold on the eyes? If so, How can i reduce the puffiness?
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  • May Yong


    Yes, it is possible for you to get puffy eyes because of mold on the eyes. The invisible bacterium will irritate the skin around the eyes and cause the puffy eyes. If you get the puffy eyes, you should not drink too much. You could use the eyes drops to release the symptom. The warm compress could also be the good way to reduce the puffiness.
  • coldnd


    Truly, I feel that you are quite worried about your eye health. Well, I should say, mold would give rise to a lot of problems, however, you need to know that puffy eyes are mainly resulted from aging or some bad habits. But mold itself could already be quite dangerous to your eyes, leading to a lot of infections and diseases. So, you should take care and get some cosmetics to deal with your puffy eyes.
  • walentynka


    It is possible that people get puffy eyes from mold. Mold is a very common allergen in the world. Puffy eyes are very annoying if you are very much care about your appearance. It often companied by itch eyes. Don't rub your eyes if they are itch for it will make things worse. To reduce the symptom, you need to avoid mold. Clean your house and don't foods which contain mold, such as aged cheeses and dried fruit. There are some natural remedies you can try to reduce swollen eyes. You can make compresses at home. You can also used tea bags hold them on closed lid. What’s more, cold temperature can do the work too. you can splash cold water on your closed eyes.