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Are prada sunglasses worth the money?

What do you think of prada sunglasses. Do you think they are worth the price. Should i spend that money buying it?
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  • steven


    The prada sunglasses are regarded as one of best luxurious sunglasses in the world. Their design is so fashionable. Their quality is so good that can be worn for more than three years. Although they are expensive, they are worthy to buy. You will feel the great fashion and coolness when wearing it.
  • Isabelle garcia


    It depends on your value of sunglasses. If you just want to buy sunglasses for shield eyes when you in sun, you needn't buy Prada sunglasses since they are expensive. If you want to wear sunglasses for fashion, you can search other cheaper sunglasses for looks. But if you want to buy some luxuries and have lots of money, of course, you can buy Prada sunglasses.
  • cthier


    It is really hard to say. It is totally depends on your personal opinion. You kwon, Prada is one of the most famous fashion brand in the whole world. All the Prada products are designed by fashion masters with overwhelming reputation so that Prada sunglasses are absolutely fashion, at least to the fashion world. But for common people, I think, fashion is a different thing for everybody. If you really like it, no matter how expensive it is, it is worth. Otherwise it is not. I think it is the Prada cost that much money instead of sunglasses. If you are going to buy it, figure out what you want is Prada or just sunglasses. If you just want sunglasses, it is ok to find a cheaper one.

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