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Angela tuener


Why do my eyes water when i get mad?

I find when i get mad, my eyes often start to water. Do you guys know the cause of these watery eyes?
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  • Alexander david


    When you get mad, your emotion is so excited which may stimulate the eye nerves indirectly. Then the eye pressure increases. The tear gland system becomes to work. At this time, your face may become red. The eyes become watery because of the squeeze of the eyes blood capillary and the work of tear glands.
  • griffin


    Because when you get mad,the adrenaline will work.Tears may be an excretory behavior, they can help people to get rid of the emotional stress and accumulated biochemical toxins; If these toxins can't be discharged and remained in the body, they will be bad for your health; Emotional tears can help to excrete toxins, so tears can restore psychological and physiological balance, and therefore they are beneficial to health.Emotions will wear and tear at you and you releasing them is a very good thing. It keeps you sane, healthy and compassionate.
  • Randa Fritch


    There are two kind of tear. One is the tear generated physical stimulation, for example the tears comes out when crushing onion. The other one is emotional tears. When people are happy, upset, or mad, they will well up with tears. There are several theories about why people crying with tears. The one I believe in is that tear is the medium to transport some extra substance out of body. It is said that foreign stimulation is transmitted between nerves by central neurotransmitter. The amount of neurotransmitter shall be comparatively stable. When there are more central neurotransmitters than needed, special lytic enzyme will resolve the extra neurotransmitters. When people get mad, upset or excited, the extreme emotion will promote the generation of too much neurotransmitters which could be totally resolved by lytic enzyme. Too much neurotransmitter is harmful to people’s health. It will improve the morbidity of ulcer and enteritis. So, the tear gland secretes tears to rinse the extra neurotransmitters out on purpose of protection.

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